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Tips for Travelling Hokkaido Part 4 - Clothing

Tips for Travelling Hokkaido Part 4 - Clothing

Temperature Variations by Region

Compared to the southernmost part of Hokkaido, Hakodate, and the other inland regions, the areas along the Pacific coast, can have temperatures that are around 5°C and lower. It is recommended that you bring an extra coat or jacket when visiting the Kushiro, Kitami or Wakkanai areas.



During the coldest months of January and February, daily high temperatures usually remain below 0°C. You should wear thermal underwear and multiple layers of clothing. Note that the indoors can be quite warm due to heating.



Temperatures are a pleasant 10-20°C. The Golden Week long vacation in early May means that tourist spots can be very crowded. Cherry blossoms usually bloom from late April to mid-May.



Summers in Hokkaido are less humid and more comfortable compared to mainland Japan, but temperatures can still go over 30°C. Evenings and early mornings can be somewhat chilly, so bring a sweater or jacket just in case.



Temperatures tend to drop drastically as the short summer ends, and coats and scarves are recommended items from October onwards. This is the season to enjoy colorful autumn leaves all over the island.


Other Useful Items to Bring


Useful for carrying your belongings, especially when hiking or cycling.


Hokkaido is full of picturesque sceneries, so high-resolution cameras are highly recommended.


Helps protecting against the sun’s harmful rays and the chilly wind, especially while outdoor activities.


Hokkaido is home to many hot springs and free foot spas, and an extra towel comes always in handy for drying off.


Do not forget to bring these, if you plan to swim in the ocean or go to a bathing suit onsen.


Attach these heat packs to your clothes or put them in your pockets to help keeping your body warm. Available at convenience and drug stores.


Insect repellent
Helps to prevent insect bites when enjoying outdoor and nature activities from spring to autumn.


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