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Cycling Frontier

Yuya Ishizuka

Yuya Ishizuka

An exhilarating ride into the city breeze

Yuya Ishizuka has been a bicycle enthusiast since childhood. He joined a professional cycling team in his college years, and has even participated in road bicycle races abroad. It has always been his dream to share the cycling paradise that is Hokkaido, so in 2009, he established Cycling Frontier. This company offers various cycling tours in Hokkaido, for both experts and beginners alike.

〈address〉Ai no Sato 2-jo 8-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo
〈tel〉    011-299-3217
〈access〉   3 minutes by walking from Hakodate streetcar Yachigashira stop

•Sapporo City cycling tour with Porocle bicycles
•Onsen and gourmet cycling tour in the Ishikari plain
•Otaru hills and extreme cycling climb tour

※Information is correct as of October 2016.

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