Nissho Peninsula Dog-Friendly Journey

Traveling with your dog can be stressful and challenging. But the Nissho Peninsula is home to many dog-friendly destinations, including pet-friendly lodging and shops with special services for pet owners. This all-inclusive guided package tour takes you to beautiful spots with fun activities for both you and your pooch. It also comes with a photo album to memorialize your Nissho Peninsula journey. You can also choose the services you want to include to create a customized plan.

With a pet-friendly camping car (RV), your trip with your dog will be stress-free. You can enjoy takeout meals together or even sleep inside the RV together. (Plan can also be changed to transporation using your own private car.)

One of the activities you can enjoy is wakasagi ice fishing, a popular winter pastime in Hokkaido. The activity comes with a tent, fishing equipment, and a guide, so even beginners can easily enjoy fishing. You can enjoy the fish you catch as a crunchy tempura.

You can also take a walk with your dog on a scenic beach covered with snow. Let your pooch run free in the picturesque scene of the Oyako-iwa rocks floating in the Pacific Ocean.

Another must-try winter activity is an outdoor winter barbecue. All the food and equipment will be provided, making it totally hassle-free. You can enjoy the delicious seafood of Samani Town. (This activity can also be changed to a guided winter trekking tour with lunch at a local restaurant.)

For this plan, you can choose to include a convenient amenity set for your dog. The set includes dog treats, dog bowls, a dog water bottle, a dog cot, a dog tie-out stake, dog socks, and towels.

Note: All images are for illustration purposes only. Your actual experience may vary.


※For Full Package Plan (3D2N with RV rental)

Day 1

Meetup at northern style studio SLOW living


Camping car (RV) rental


Roadside Station Sarabetsu shopping for food


Horokayanto Marsh (Taiki) wakasagi ice fishing 

15:00 Bansei Onsen (Taiki) onsen bath
16:40 Inkarushipe Shirakaba (Taiki) check-in
18:00 Daidai or Yakiniku Daijuen (Taiki) dinner
  Inkarushipe Shirakaba (Taiki) overnight stay
Day 2

Depart from Inkarushipe Shirakaba


Oyako-iwa Fureai Beach (Samani) walk


Samani Tourist Information Center (Samani) shopping


Outdoor barbecue lunch or Samani Town trekking tour


Hotel Apoi Sanso (Samani) onsen bath

15:40 Samani Town and Erimo Town coastline spots tour
17:00 Cliff House Yanagida Ryokan (Erimo) check-in, dinner
  Cliff House Yanagida Ryokan (Erimo) overnight stay
Day 3

Depart from Cliff House Yanagida Ryokan


Hiroo Santaland (Hiroo) shopping/photo shoot


Kikuchi Farm Cafe (Hiroo) lunch

or Kakko Ryoriten (Sarabetsu) lunch box takeout

or Pansha (Sarabetsu) bread takeout


Roadside Station Nakasatsunai shopping/rest


Kofuku Station (Obihiro) photo shoot

15:30 Return camping car (RV)
16:00 Drop-off at northern style studio SLOW living
Tour name Nissho Peninsula Dog-Friendly Journey
Available period Early January to Mid March 2023
Time 3D2N (8:45 on Day 1 to 16:00 on Day 3)
Participants Up to 5 persons per group
Fee Choose the services you want to include in your plan:
①Camping car (RV) rental: ¥110,000 for 3 days
②Dog amenity set rental: ¥5,000 per set
③Wakasagi ice fishing (includes guide, tent, equipment, tempura set): ¥30,000
④Snowshoe forest trekking (includes guide, snowshoes): ¥9,000
⑤Outdoor barbecue lunch: from ¥20,000
⑥Samani trekking tour (1.5 hrs): ¥7,500 per person
⑦Photography service: ¥20,000 per day (up to 5 hrs)
⑧Photobook printing: ¥5,000 per book
⑨Tour attendant (with photography service): ¥35,000 per day

Full Package Plan (3D2N with RV rental)
¥380,000 per group
※All prices are tax inclusive.
For Full Package Plan:
Activity fees, meals, food groceries, accommodations, RV rental, guide fees, tour insurance
Not included Transportation to and from the meetup/drop-off point, personal expenses
Things to bring Cold weather gear, food for your dog
Meetup Location

northern style studio SLOW living
Address: Nishi 16-jo Kita 1-chome 25, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido
Mapcode: 124 651 279*32
Notes ・Please reserve at least 14 days in advance.
・Depending on the availability of the guide, we may not be able to accommodate your preferred tour date.
・The tour may be changed or cancelled due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control.

Cancellation fees:
・20 days before the tour date: 20% of the tour fare
・7 days before the tour date: 30% of the tour fare
・1 day before the tour date: 40% of the tour fare
・On the day of the tour prior to start: 50% of the tour fare
・No show: 100% of the tour fare