[FINISHED] Slow Village 2019 Special Tour: White Birch Basket Making

This tour program will be held for only 1 day in conjunction with the Slow Village 2019 event. It takes place at Tashiro-no-Mori, where you can explore a forest in autumn, then experience making a small basket made from white birch bark.

Tashiro-no-Mori is located around 40 minutes by car from Sarabetsu Country Park (the venue of Slow Village 2019). It is a quiet forest filled with the colors, fragrance, and fresh air of autumn. The forest is owned and managed by a man named Yukihiro Izumi. Together with Izumi-san, you will take a walk around the forest and see over 500 different kinds of plants.

After the forest walk, you can try your hand at making a small basket made from the bark of “shirakaba” white birch, a tree that has become a symbol of Hokkaido. You will be instructed by shirakaba artisan Yasuhiro Shimanaka. You can also taste shirakaba tea and birch water. It’s a refreshing experience that stimulates your five senses.

Yasuhiro Shimanaka is the owner of Kobo Ameiro, a craft studio where he creates various items using materials from white birch trees. Some of his products include bags, lamp shades, and other household items. The basket you will make in this tour is around 4 to 5 cm in diameter and depth.

Note: All images are for illustration purposes only. Your actual experience may vary.


11:55 Meetup at Tashiro-no-Mori
12:00 Forest walk with Izumi-san
12:40 White birch basket making with Shimanaka-san
13:40 Tour finish
Tour name [FINISHED] Slow Village 2019 Special Tour: White Birch Basket Making
Available period 2019 October 14 (Mon)
Time 12:00-13:40 (1 hour 40 minutes)
Participants Minimum 1 person, maximum 10 persons
Fee ¥3,500 per person
※Children should be accompanied by an adult (1 basket per child and guardian pair)
Guide fee, basket-making fee, shirakaba tea and birch water tasting, tour insurance
Not included Transportation to and from the venue
Things to bring Comfortable clothes and shoes for walking, insect repellent, rain gear in case of rain
Meetup Location

Address: Monbetsu, Hiroo-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido
Access: From the Obihiro-Hiroo Expressway, exit at Churui-Taiki IC then drive southward along National Route 236 for around 17 kilometers. At the main traffic light in the Toyoni district, turn left and drive for around 2 kilometers.
Mapcode: 454 505 549*78
Notes ・To register on the day of the tour, please come to the Kunaw Books Corner in the Slow Village 2019 event in Sarabetsu Country Park.
・Tour may be changed or cancelled due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control.