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Terms and Conditions

By using any service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") on this website operated by Kunaw Publishing Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), you (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "the Client") acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Article 1 (Scope of Application)

Any reservation inquiry made via the Service shall be governed by the terms and conditions set forth herein. Any matters which are not covered herein shall be governed by applicable laws and conventional practices in Japan.

Article 2 (Application of Tour Programs)

The Client shall provide information on the inquiry form in the website as required by the Company in order to inquire for the reservation of the tour programs. Upon receiving the reservation inquiry, the Company shall send a confirmation of receipt of the inquiry to the e-mail address specified by the Client.

Article 3 (Conclusion of Contract)

The contract shall become valid upon the Company's consent to the conclusion of the contract and the Company's receipt of payment for the tour program. Promptly after the contract is concluded, the Company shall send a final confirmation stating the tour itinerary, details of the services, and other conditions to the e-mail address specified by the Client no later that one day prior to the date of the tour program.

Article 4 (Special Conditions for Tour Application)

  • 1. Clients under 20 years of age must provide the Company with the written consent of their guardian. Clients under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • 2. The Company may refuse the application if the client's age, qualifications, skills or other conditions specified by the Company do not conform to those designated for tour programs aimed at specific client categories or purposes.
  • 3. Clients who require special attention due to chronic disease, general ill-health, pregnancy or physical handicaps must advise the Company of this when applying for a tour program. The Company will respond to such requests to the extent feasible and reasonable. If the Company makes a special arrangement in accordance with the Client's request, the Client shall bear any expenses incurred in relation to the arrangement.
  • 4. Independent activities for reasons of the Client's own choosing shall not be arranged by the Company during the tour. However, the Company may, depending on the tour course, arrange such activities under separate conditions.
  • 5. The Company may refuse a Client's application for tour operational reasons.

Article 5 (Payment of Tour Fare)

The full price of the tour fare shall be paid no later than the day stipulated on the invoice separately issued and sent to the Client. The price shall be payable in the invoiced currency.

Article 6 (Revision of Service Content)

The Company may, after conclusion of the contract, revise its contents and services for any of the following reasons: natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services rendered by transport/accommodation facilities, provision of transportation not based on the original operational plan, governmental orders, or other circumstances beyond the Company's control. The Company reserves the right to take necessary measures when safe, smooth tour operation in accordance with the itinerary is deemed impossible, or when there is valid reason to believe that the tour cannot continue. In such cases, the Company must explain in a timely manner its inability to function according to the contract under the circumstances. However, said explanation may be made after revisions are made when conditions demand.

Article 7 (Cancellation by the Client)

  • 1. The Client is at all times entitled to cancel the Travel Contract, but must pay the Company a cancellation charge as stipulated in Article 9 below.
  • 2. If the Client wishes to change the tour date for his or her convenience, the Company shall comply with such requests when feasible. However, if such a request could not be met by the Company, the specified cancellation charges will be levied on the Client.
  • 3. In any of the following cases, the Client may cancel the contract without paying a cancellation charge.
    • a. When the contents of the contract have been substantially revised.
    • b. In cases where natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services related to transportation, accommodation and other facilities, governmental orders, or other causes make safe, smooth tour operation impossible, or when there is a valid reason to believe the tour cannot continue.
    • c. When tour operation becomes impossible owing to factors for which the Company is liable.
  • 4. The Company shall refund the remaining amount of the received tour fare after deducting cancellation charges. When the contract is cancelled due to the reasons specified in Clause 3 above, the Company shall make the full refund of the received tour fare.

Article 8 (Cancellation by the Company)

  • 1. If the Client has not paid the tour fare by the prescribed date, the Company may cancel the contract. In such cases, the Client shall pay the Company the applicable cancellation charge.
  • 2. In any of the following cases, the Company may cancel the contract.
    • a) When it becomes evident that the client does not satisfy the gender, age, qualification, skill or other requirements specified by the Company for participation in the tour program.
    • b) When the client is recognized as unfit to join the tour owing to illness or for other reasons.
    • c) When the necessary conditions as clearly stated at the conclusion of the contract cannot materialize, or when there is valid reason to believe that the required conditions cannot be met.
    • d) In the event of a natural calamity or disaster, poor weather conditions, civil disturbance, suspension of services related to transportation, accommodations, etc., governmental orders, or other circumstances beyond the Company's control, and when safe, and smooth tour operation according to the itinerary specified in the contract has become impossible, or there is a valid reason to believe that the tour cannot continue.
    • e) When the Client demands things that are beyond the reasonable scope of the details in the contract.
    • f) If the Company cannot receive the amount specified for the tour fare due to invalidity of the Client's credit card or in accordance with the credit company's agreement.
  • 3. When the Company cancels a tour program in conformity with Clause 2 above, it shall refund the full amount of the tour fare received from the Client.

Article 9 (Cancellation Rates)

  • 1. If a client cancels the contract for personal reasons, the following cancellation rates will apply to the tour fare.
    • (1) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company 2 or more days prior to the starting date of the tour: No Charge
    • (2) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company on the day prior to the starting date of the tour: 40% of the tour fare
    • (3) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company on the day of the tour prior to the starting time of the tour: 50% of the tour fare
    • (4) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company after the starting time of the tour, or in case of failure to show without notice: 100% of the tour fare
  • 2. In case of cancellation due to a credit financing issues beyond the Company's control, the Client shall pay the cancellation fees specified by the Company.
  • 3. If the Client fails to pay the tour fare by the designated date, the Company will assume the Client has canceled as of the following day, and the cancellation charges specified above will apply.
  • 4. Timing of notice of cancellation is based on Japan local time.

Article 10 (Liability of the Company and Exemptions)

  • 1. In performing its obligations under the terms of its contract, should the Company cause damage to the Client through willful negligence or fault, the Company shall be liable for such damages. However, this only applies if the damage report is made within 2 years reckoned from the day following the occurrence of the damage.
  • 2. The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred by Clients as stipulated in Clause 1 above if any of the following reasons apply:
    • a) Natural disaster, war, civil unrest, and alteration or cancellation of tour itinerary due to such causes.
    • b) Accidents during transportation or accommodations, damage by fire.
    • c) Cessation of services related to transportation or accommodation facilities, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.
    • d) Orders of either Japanese or foreign governments, immigration regulations, isolation resulting from infectious diseases, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.
    • e) Accidents occurring during the Client's free activities.
    • f) Food poisoning.
    • g) Theft.
    • h) Delays, stoppages, changes of schedule and route in relation to transportation facilities, and tour itinerary alterations and/or shortened stays at destinations owing to such causes.

Article 11 (Liability of the Client)

The Company shall require the Client to indemnify the Company for losses sustained owing to a Client's willful negligence, fault, conduct against public order and good manners, or breach of provisions in the Company's contract.

  • 1. The Client is required to make every effort to utilize information acquired from the Company and to understand the details of his/her rights/responsibilities as well as the details of tour conditions.
  • 2. After the start of the tour, if a Client should find that the tour service provided is different from that specified in the contract, the Client is required to report the discrepancy to the Company immediately.
  • 3. The Company may take necessary measures if a Client needs treatment during the duration of the tour due to illness, injuries, etc. In the case the Company is not responsible for the cause of the illness, injury, etc., the Client shall bear all costs for said measures and must make the payments by the means and date designated by the Company.

Article 12 (Others)

  • 1. The Client shall pay the expenses incurred arising from Client injury or illness, the return of lost baggage or articles left behind owing to personal negligence, as well as changes incurred by independent activity.
  • 2. The Client shall accept all responsibility for decisions regarding individual purchases at souvenir shops even when said shops are introduced by the Company.
  • 3. Under no circumstances shall the Company re-conduct a tour.

Article 13 (Modification of Terms and Conditions)

The Company may change these terms and conditions without prior notice. Therefore, be sure to review them each time you use the Service. In the case that they are changed, only the final and current terms and conditions are binding.

Article 14 (Jurisdiction)

Any dispute between the Company and the Client arising out of or in connection with the Service shall be negotiated in good faith between the parties. In the case that judicial resolution is required, the Sapporo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such disputes.