A barren world of white in Betsukai Town

The Notsuke Bay of Betsukai Town in Eastern Hokkaido is famous for its shrimp and scallops, but in winter, it becomes completely frozen and covered in snow, turning into a vast field of white. You can walk across this barren world of white that has been named the Ice Horizon or “Hyouheisen”.

Since there is practically nothing else in sight except for the snowy ground and the sky, this is the perfect place to take forced perspective trick photographs. 

You can also make creative use of small items to make your own original trick shots. You’ll surely have lots of fun in this unique location that only appears in winter.

As you walk across the Ice Horizon, you might also see herds of Ezo deer crossing the frozen landscape.

To visit the Ice Horizon, you can join a guided walking or sleigh tour offered by the Betsukai Tourist Association. The tours are available from January to mid-March (may vary depending on the condition of the ice). For more information, visit the Betsukai Ice Horizon official website